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What My 2014 Looks Like

Pituitary Brain TumorPin ImageMy 2014 seems to be almost completely revolving around something that looks kind of like a walnut, about an inch in size and sitting at the base of my brain.  This little gem has been wreaking havoc on my hormones and most recently started affecting my peripheral vision so that I’m tripping over everything.   My 2014 is seemingly going to be quite full of doctors appointments, blood tests, MRIs and brain surgery at Johns Hopkins.  My 2013 didn’t end much better.

I found out in early December that I have a very large tumor on my pituitary gland.  While pituitary tumors are quite common (possibly 1 in 5 of us have them), they usually remain small and go unnoticed.  Unfortunately, I am the unlucky recipient of one that has decided to grow quite large and therefore needs to be removed.  Its large size is causing my pituitary gland to malfunction and is also pushing on my optic nerves.

I feel very fortunate to live so close to such a wonderful hospital.  One that has its own pituitary center with a team of doctors who specialize in just this.  In the coming weeks I will be meeting with this team and scheduling my surgery.  I am expecting surgery to go smoothly and recovery as well.  But, given the road ahead, I won’t be taking on any client sessions through at least the end of February.  I will update as I know more about surgery and recovery time but for now, I’m hoping March 1st will start my 2014 year.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2014!  And I’m hopeful my year will end on a much lighter note than its start.




  • Heather T. - Oh Tracy! Scary & annoying all at once… I wish you didn’t have to mess with this, but it sounds like you have a good team around you. I wish you all the best with the surgery and getting rid of that pesky tumor!ReplyCancel